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Equal opportunities Building a career plan in the electrical sector

Our approach

Every year, the electrical sector in France has more than 100,000 students and apprentices training for electrical trades, counting all types of qualifications, from CAP to Bac Pro, to engineering schools. Therefore, many young people leaving vocational colleges, Apprentice Training Centres, technical colleges, AFPA centres and engineering schools have a professional qualification and are preparing to enter the jobs market in the electrical sector.
These are young people, which the Legrand Foundation wants to support in their training for electrical trades, thereby boosting their employability.

The Foundation relies, on the one hand, on Legrand's in-depth knowledge of the training curriculum for electrical trades, and on special relationships between the Group and the relevant training establishments. It also takes advantage of the Group's close ties with many companies, particularly local companies, local SMEs and SMIs, via its network of installers and specifiers.

Between the world of equality and the world of industry, the Legrand Foundation naturally wants to focus its efforts on sandwich training courses and internships.

Electrical trades

The electrical sector covers a multitude of trades with a vast range of different training options, which the Legrand Foundation intends to support (read more)

  • Building management: Electrician, home automation specialist
  • Lighting: Lighting installer
  • Safety: Safety technician
  • Thermal comfort: Heat engineer, heating specialist
  • Communication: Telecoms installer, telecoms and networks technician
  • Power: Electricity distribution network fitter, renewable energy technician
  • Automatic systems: Process electrician, automation technician
  • Maintenance: Maintenance electrician, heating and climate control maintenance technician, high-voltage line maintenance technician

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Our areas


Equal opportunities

03 13 2014

"Gateway to employment" is launched

In February, the first framework meeting for the "Gateway to employment" project was attended by teams from FACE Limousin...

07 31 2014

Job Academy: simulating job interviews

On March 20, 2014, Legrand was one of fourteen companies to take part in step four of the Job Academy – the simulation of job interviews held at the AFPI centre in Limoges.

07 31 2014

Job Academy: social network awareness training

On March 3, 2014, the second plenary meeting of the Job Academy took place at the Cité des Métiers in Limoges.

07 31 2014

Gateway to business: the FFIE gets involved

On April 16, 2014, along with FACE Limousin, Legrand met the members of the Executive of the local branch of the FFIE (French Federation of electrical and energy companies) for Haute-Vienne.

07 31 2014

Gateway to business: a project supported by apprenticeship training centres

On May 5, 2014, along with FACE Limousin, Legrand took part in a meeting with the Limousin Regional Council’s Directorate for Apprenticeship, Vocational Training and Workplace Integration.

03 13 2014

Jobs Academy: job-hunting in a different way…

Coaching, deployment of knowledge networks, there is no shortage of assistance for helping talented individuals find employment...

Our initiatives The Legrand Foundation is involved in three areas:
loss of independence, electricity poverty and equal opportunities.

Actions may take a variety of forms in each of these areas. Nevertheless, they are guided by the same approach: projects on the ground, rooted in real life, which aim to strengthen their beneficiaries or improve their living conditions and comfort.

The actions undertaken may be:

  • FACE projects to which the Legrand Foundation contributes,
  • Projects initiated by Legrand to which FACE contributes.
  • Projects suggested by Legrand, to which other partners may contribute.
  • Projects initiated by Legrand's employees.