Under the aegis of Fondation Agir Contre l'Exclusion (FACE),
a registered non-profit organisation for action against exclusion

Our partners

The Legrand Foundation has no intention of acting alone. Its aim is to unite partners around its actions.

A special partner: FACE

FACE, Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion, is our key partner. As both the umbrella foundation and an operational partner, FACE provides a framework and a dynamic for the Legrand Foundation's actions. The partnership between FACE and the Legrand Foundation is understood as a genuine exchange. FACE provides us with its expertise of running projects. It offers us the opportunity to work on projects, to which the Legrand Foundation adds a complementary aspect associated with its areas of expertise and the missions it has set itself.

FACE's areas of activity:

About FACE

Fondation Agir Contre l'Exclusion (FACE) is a non-profit organisation created in 1993 on the initiative of 15 major corporations, and is chaired by Gérard Mestrallet, CEO of GDF SUEZ. It encourages social and societal commitment to the economic fabric within territories.

Thanks to its network of local associations, it now involves more than 5,400 companies, both large corporations and SMEs, and has become the first network of companies in France to focus on CSR, integration, education and access to services. The Foundation innovates by developing new initiatives to promote the responsible development of territories in a way that benefits their entire population.

In keeping with its strategy of proximity, the FACE Foundation creates new locations every year (84 in February 2017, in France and internationally) and extends the scope of its action. Its aim is to create centres of expertise based on its 5 areas of action:

  • within companies,
  • for employment,
  • at school,
  • in daily life,
  • with participants from the region.

Within each of these areas, actions and training courses are administered by the Clubs, with active participation from the partner companies and their employees. Sponsorship, mobilisation through sport, social mediation, integration through culture, entrepreneurship at school, social microcredit, breaking down the digital divide, Diversity Label, social sponsorship, etc. An array of high-performance tools for combating inequality and consolidating the Foundation's position as "a major social movement by companies". Find out more about FACE

A multi-partner approach

The Legrand Foundation's mission is to mobilise and bring together the most suitable partners for each project. As each project is unique, our potential partners are many and varied. These may include other foundations, local governments, associations, companies, NGOs, social housing authorities, educational institutions, research centres, administrations, etc. Each project has its own ideal partners.

Involving employees

Involvement of the Group's employees is a key component of the Legrand Foundation. More specifically, we encourage and promote two types of commitment:

  • skill sharing, which equates to ad-hoc provision of Legrand employees' professional expertise as part of the provision of a service for a project implemented by the Foundation,
  • volunteering, which equates to the provision of personal expertise for the benefit of projects implemented by the Legrand Fondation.