Under the aegis of Fondation Agir Contre l'Exclusion (FACE),
a registered non-profit organisation for action against exclusion


Why is the Legrand Group setting up a foundation?

The Legrand Foundation is one of the responses to the Legrand Group's aim to provide absolutely everyone with sustainable access to electricity. This is a genuine corporate project, which unites teams around the Group's business activities and a joint project. It is also a project for the entire electrical sector. Ultimately, it's an effective gateway to the local community.

What is the link between the Legrand Foundation and the FACE Foundation?

FACE, Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (foundation for action against exclusion), is the foundation that shelters the Legrand Foundation. It is the Legrand Foundation's main partner. It provides the Legrand Foundation with both legal and operational support. The two foundations share the same approach to exclusion and work together on joint projects.

I am a Legrand employee. I have a community project that I would like to develop. Could it benefit from support from the Legrand Foundation?

Yes. Projects submitted by Legrand Group employees may benefit from support from their Foundation if they lie within the scope of its social purpose and the four identified areas of action: loss of independence, electricity poverty, employment and education in the electrical sector. All projects will be submitted to the Steering Committee, whose role is to select actions that could possibly be supported by the Foundation.

I am a volunteer for an NGO and we would like to set up a project with the Legrand Foundation. Is this possible?

It may be possible if this project lies within the scope of Legrand Foundation's social purpose. However, as the Legrand Foundation is not intended to manage calls for projects, it would be preferable to make direct contact with FACE for this kind of process. FACE acts as the project operator for us.

Does your work with Electriciens sans frontières lie within the scope of the Legrand Foundation?

No, our partnership with Electriciens sans frontières does not lie within the scope of the Legrand Foundation. Even though it is also a philanthropic programme, the areas of action and the operational areas of Electriciens sans frontières and the Legrand Foundation are different. Electriciens sans frontières is solely involved in the issue of access to electricity in developing countries. While the Legrand Foundation is involved in questions of the loss of independence, electricity poverty, employment and education in the electrical sector, mainly in France.

Why are the Foundation's activities limited to France?

Initially, the Legrand Foundation's activities are limited to France, where the Group has its roots. However, we are not ruling out subsequently expanding the framework of our operations to other geographic areas, which are closest to the Group's sites.

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Our initiatives The Legrand Foundation is involved in three areas:
loss of independence, electricity poverty and equal opportunities.

Actions may take a variety of forms in each of these areas. Nevertheless, they are guided by the same approach: projects on the ground, rooted in real life, which aim to strengthen their beneficiaries or improve their living conditions and comfort.

The actions undertaken may be:

  • FACE projects to which the Legrand Foundation contributes,
  • Projects initiated by Legrand to which FACE contributes.
  • Projects suggested by Legrand, to which other partners may contribute.
  • Projects initiated by Legrand's employees.

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