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Electricity poverty Combating electrical risk and improving energy efficiency

Our approach

Electricity poverty is becoming a real issue for society.

On the one hand, because energy represents an increasingly large proportion of household budgets. According to recent estimates, at least 5 million households are now living in energy poverty in France, with a level of energy expenditure that is more than 15% of their budget1.

On the other hand, because the age and malfunctioning of electrical systems in individual or collective housing causes risks in terms of safety. 7 million dwellings in France have a potential electrical risk. 30 % of fires recorded in France have an electrical cause2.

This affects everyone, but especially those in financial difficulty who are unable to cope with increasing energy bills or who live in an unsafe situation because of old or faulty electrical systems in their home.

The Legrand Foundation aims to bring a fresh perspective to this problem using the Group's know-how and its solutions that improve the energy efficiency and electrical safety of homes. It wishes to promote awareness amongst builders, social housing authorities, electrical installers, and the most underprivileged occupants. What energy-saving actions can be applied? What devices can be installed to cut energy bills? How can homes be adapted? What are the risks of an ageing electrical system? What solutions can make homes safer?

1 Source ANAH
2 Source Promoteclec and Consuel

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Our areas


Electricity poverty

03 13 2014

Impact: supporting project initiators

In partnership with the Rexel Foundation, Legrand supports initiators of social entrepreneurship projects for progress in energy, within the framework of the "Impact – energy efficiency" project...

07 31 2014

Ambassadors of energy efficiency and electrical safety: project kick-off meeting

On April 14, 2014, the kick-off meeting of the ‘Ambassadors of energy efficiency and electrical safety’ initiative took place at the offices of FACE Limousin in Limoges.

Our initiatives The Legrand Foundation is involved in three areas:
loss of independence, electricity poverty and equal opportunities.

Actions may take a variety of forms in each of these areas. Nevertheless, they are guided by the same approach: projects on the ground, rooted in real life, which aim to strengthen their beneficiaries or improve their living conditions and comfort.

The actions undertaken may be:

  • FACE projects to which the Legrand Foundation contributes,
  • Projects initiated by Legrand to which FACE contributes.
  • Projects suggested by Legrand, to which other partners may contribute.
  • Projects initiated by Legrand's employees.