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Legrand Foundation, FACE

Having noted that at the end of their work experience placements, few young people actually find employment with their host company, the Legrand Foundation wishes to establish a system for supporting Legrand group sandwich placement students in France in their search for employment at the end of their placement.

This system includes:

  • Group support followed by individual sponsorship for placement students in establishing a career plan
  • Training modules (for example, "Understanding the company")
  • Assistance with increasing their experience and validating their career plans
  • Advice on job-hunting techniques and preparation for recruitment interviews
  • The organisation of contact events for placement students and companies (employment forums, "breakfast" meetings, recruitment sessions, etc.)
  • Each project participant enjoys personalised support according to his/her professional project and the school schedule
Young people are our future and, to my mind, doing everything to help them find employment is vital

Laurent Laplanche | Mobility Manager France and Temporary Employment

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03 13 2014

"Gateway to employment" is launched

In February, the first framework meeting for the "Gateway to employment" project was attended by teams from FACE Limousin...

07 31 2014

Job Academy: simulating job interviews

On March 20, 2014, Legrand was one of fourteen companies to take part in step four of the Job Academy – the simulation of job interviews held at the AFPI centre in Limoges.

07 31 2014

Job Academy: social network awareness training

On March 3, 2014, the second plenary meeting of the Job Academy took place at the Cité des Métiers in Limoges.

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