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Loss of independence For housing that allows people to continue living at home

Our approach

Assistance for independent living and continued living at home represents a major issue in society. There are 1.6 million dependent people in France. We are also witnessing the growth of an ageing population: 31 % of the French population will be over the age of 65 and 6.5% over the age of 85 by 2040. And 80 % of French people want to stay in their own home for as long as possible1.

But not everyone is equal in this respect. As not everyone has the means to adapt their home to compensate for a loss of independence. Some people are even placing themselves in danger by remaining in their unsuitable homes: domestic accidents associated with everyday tasks, by people experiencing a decline in self-sufficiency, are a frequent occurrence.

In view of this fact, the Legrand Foundation wishes to assist ageing or dependent persons who are financially insecure, particularly those living in social housing. What devices exist for enhanced safety and comfort? How could a home automation system help them? How can we develop suitable housing that helps keep people living at home?

The Foundation relies on the Group's expertise and its wide range of solutions, since it is a ground breaker in the field of assisted living.

1 Sources: UN 2009; Eurostat; Europop 2008; DREES; Institut de veille sanitaire (Health Watch Institute)

people in France in 2020

31 % of the French
population will be over the age
of 65 and 6.5% over the age of 85
by 2040

80 % of French people
want to stay in their
own homes
for as long as possible

Our areas


Loss of independence

03 13 2014

Coming soon, a Consumer Service Desk (Point service aux particuliers) (PSP) in Limoges

Planned for Spring 2014, a Consumer Service Desk (Point Service aux particuliers) for districts of Limoges is currently being examined...

Our initiatives The Legrand Foundation is involved in three areas:
loss of independence, electricity poverty and equal opportunities.

Actions may take a variety of forms in each of these areas. Nevertheless, they are guided by the same approach: projects on the ground, rooted in real life, which aim to strengthen their beneficiaries or improve their living conditions and comfort.

The actions undertaken may be:

  • FACE projects to which the Legrand Foundation contributes,
  • Projects initiated by Legrand to which FACE contributes.
  • Projects suggested by Legrand, to which other partners may contribute.
  • Projects initiated by Legrand's employees.